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Concrete Pump Hire


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Concrete Pumping – A fast and efficient method of placing bulk concrete, especially in areas with difficult access. 

Do you require a Concrete Pump for your pour? Give us a call! As an experienced and trusted supplier to many local and national projects, we pride ourselves on providing a professional and efficient service with a ‘can do’ attitude. 

Our fleet of lorry-mounted concrete pumps allow you to reach even the most challenging of sites. With line pumps that can extend up to 200m and boom pumps that can help overcome obstacles such as walls, outbuildings and houses, we are confident we will have a concrete pumping solution for you. 

Available for hire throughout Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Wiltshire and beyond. Our clean and well-maintained machines are supplied with professional, qualified operators and in accordance with CPA terms and conditions.

Give our team a call today to discuss your requirements. 


What Pumps do we Offer?

Line Pump

Line Pump

Suitable for long reach and sites unsuitable for overhead booms, our line pump can reach up to 200m. The ideal pump for DIY work with no vertical obstacles. As this is our smallest pump, it is ideal for the tightest jobs. For more information on this pump, feel free to contact our helpful team.

Concrete Pump 24m Boom

24m Boom Pump

Suitable for works indoors and outdoors, this versatile pump is the perfect middle ground for large domestic jobs and construction sites alike. For more information on this pump, feel free to contact our helpful team.

Concrete Pump - 16m Boom

16m Boom Pump

Suitable for the tightest of jobs with no hassle of a pipeline, just 'pull up and pump'. The ideal pump for DIY work with limited access and small vertical obstacles, such as fences, bushes and small outbuildings. For more infomation on this pump, feel free to contact our helpful team.

Concrete Pump 32m Boom

32m Boom Pump

Suitable for large construction sites and larger pours with ease and flexibility. The ideal pump for ICF walls, long pours and hard to reach indoor spaces. For more infomation on this pump, feel free to contact our helpful team.

Concrete Pump 20m Boom

20m Boom Pump

Suitable for tight access and easy set up. Small outriggers mean this pump can be set up in tight spaces, unlike larger pumps. The ideal pump for first floor pumping and working at reasonable heights. For more information on this pump, feel free to contact our helpful team.

Concrete Pump 42m Boom

42m Boom Pump

Suitable for the largest of jobs, this pump is built for major pours on construction sites with the ease of a boom to all areas on your site to allow the most efficient pumping service. For more infomation about this pump, feel free to contact our helpful team.

Frequently Asked Questions

What information do I need before I hire a pump?
  • Name and contact details

  •  Full site address including postcode

  • Date and time for the pump, allowing for 1hr set up

  • Size of pump required (help and guidance available)

  • Volume and type of concrete, including any additions, fibres etc

  • Brief Description of the pour, eg footings, external slab, bridge, deck etc

  • Any special requirements, additional pipeline, second man etc

What do I need to supply to ensure a safe and efficient pump pour?
  • A level area of hard standing, with no overhead obstructions, on which to set up the pump

  • Ensure all nearly vehicles are moved out of the way or suitably covered, along with any other surfaces or areas that could be splashed with concrete
  • Clear access to the pump for truck mixers to back onto

  • Cement to grout the line - 1 x 25kg bag per 10m of pipeline, we can provide pump primer at an additional fee

  • Somewhere to deposit excess grout

  • A good pump mix of concrete, if we are not supplying then ensure you tell your concrete supplier that you will be using a pump

  • A competent concreting gang to lay the concrete 

  • A suitable place for the operator to wash the pump out 

  • A good supply of water (the pump does carry its own supply)

How will the hire look on the day?
  • The pump will arrive and liaise with the customer before set up

  •  The customer will be asked to sign the job sheet in the "on hire" box

  • The concrete mixer truck will arrive and back onto the pump

  • The pump operator will grout the line and commence pumping

  • The concrete will be placed into position using the boom where possible

  • Where ground line is used the concreting gang will need to move the pipeline around as necessary

  • Cautionary note - concrete is pumped under high pressure all personnel should be made aware of the risks and dangers associated with the end of the hose (please see risk assessment)

  • At the end of the pour the pump operator will clean all the concrete from the pump and pipeline.  This will take approx 1hr

  • The pump operator will then put the boom back into the travel position and load all other equipment onto pump

  • The job sheet will be prepared for the customer to sign in the "off site" box

  • The pump will then travel back to the depot


Tailor Made Pump & Supply Packages

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